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Thermal insulation is now a major issue for the housing of tomorrow, and is positioned as a real key economic sector of the 21st century.

The measures set by the Grenelle Environment and the European agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with the government objective of dividing greenhouse gas emissions by 4 by 2050 have made the housing energy renovation a major challenge. In fact, 44% of energy consumption in France is due to buildings.

The FFB (French Building Federation) mentions at least 27 million homes (including 6 million in fuel poverty) that will require renovation by 2050.

  • Coordination of development lines and strategic choices;
  • Assistance in resolving issues and problems encountered in business development;
  • Assistance in business internal and external development
  • Advice and recommendations on financial policy;
  • Assistance in the preparation of annual budgets and financial programs;
  • Recommendations and advice related to provisional development plans;
  • Advice on planned investments financing;
  • Assistance in opening credit lines and negotiating with financial institutions;
  • Advice and recommendations on treasury management;
  • Information on the various grants and incentives that may be of interest to the Beneficiary
  • Accounting and financial management assistance, including the Provider’s services relating to basic administrative support improvement,  accounts chart monitoring and accounting procedures improvement ;
  • Advice on setting up financial dashboards as well as establishing and controlling budgets
  • Advice on the establishment and proper interpretation of the company accounts;
  • Recommendations for short-, medium- and long-term investment programs;
  • Management control assistance
  • Assistance in recruitment and compensation policy;
  • Assistance with recruitment and all aspects of human resources management (interviews, employment contracts, sanctions, dismissals, training…).

In order to perform the above detailed Services, the Service Provider undertakes to devote the time necessary for the performance of its mission to its activity, on behalf of the Beneficiary and to the performance of the services described above.

This assistance will be provided, as required, either at the Service Provider’s headquarters, or at the Beneficiary’s headquarters, or at any other location designated by the Parties.

To this end, the Service Provider shall make available to the Beneficiary, as needed, the qualified personnel necessary to perform the tasks described above, being specified, that in any event, these personnel remain under the Service Provider hierarchical authority, who remains solely responsible for its personnel.

It is specified that the services list set out above is not exhaustive, as the Service Provider may, if applicable and at the request of the Beneficiary, offer other services